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Women Trafficking, is said to be one of the largest criminal activities in the world and has captured nearly over 40 Million victims according the International Labor Organization. Those who have fallen victim will be saved. Through elevating, assessing, educating and supporting the fight to end human trafficking. Our campaign will ensure as many as we can educate are continuously developing a better understanding of ways to identify traffickers and potential victims in our day to day lives.

Human trafficking is one of the most disturbing over ignored issues in our world today. Traffickers often force women and children into terrible circumstances, including physical labor and sexual slavery. At the Hoffman Hope House we are working to end this despicable practice. We come together for one cause. We come together as one nation to free our people from the evil act of human-trafficking. We come together as one.

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Trafficking dehumanizes people, turning them into commodities. It is a global problem that affects everyone in every country of the world. Criminal traffickers prey on women who are vulnerable. Some of the circumstances include poverty, homelessness, family breakdown, societal exclusion, disasters, and conflict are some of the factors that create vulnerabilities to trafficking.

Imagine crying turned to laughter, sorrow into joy. Those who are held in captivity are not lost forever. The Hoffman Hope House partners with local churches and like-minded organizations in anti-trafficking efforts that range from awareness and education campaigns to prevention efforts.

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Human trafficking turns people into commodities to be bought and sold to the highest bidder. Anyone can be part of ending the heinous crime by caring for those who have survived it. Give now to support efforts to end human trafficking around the world.


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In order to create a positive change in the world today, we partner with local churches to create schools and child development centers that provide opportunities for education, life skills, and spiritual guidance for victims of human trafficking.

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Not one dollar is taken for salary of anyone executive or for any member of the foundation. The Hoffman family matches dollar for dollar on everything that is given to save the girls.

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