Building Safe Houses

Are Safe Houses Common?

Housing for victims of human trafficking in the world is sparse. In the United States, we claim to have about 200 safe houses, which may have just a few beds, each. Compared to the number of victims we have, which is somewhere in the hundreds of thousands, this is basically a Band-Aid on a broken bone.

Why Do Human Traffickers Target Kids Facing Homelessness?

In our long research and experience of helping vulnerable children and youth in America and Africa, our Foundation has identified a direct correlation between youth homelessness and becoming a victim of human trafficking.

Why are homeless kids the targets for these human traffickers? Because these young souls are presently a low-risk business commodity and very easy to lure from the slums of the streets with promises of affection, protection, food, clothing, and ultimately financial security. At the state of utmost vulnerability, these children/teens/women have not place to call home and no one to care for them, therefore becoming easy targets for traffickers.

What else do we know?

In some cases, sex trafficking victims are not just in chains, but physiologically attached to their pimps. They were promised shelter, love, and protection. Enduring horrific violence, they believe their traffickers love them.

Sex Traffickers may also use drugs as a means to control their victims. They use the drugs to create a dependency, also upon taking all of their belongings, identification, and money. Sometimes they withhold food, sleep, or isolate them completely from anyone else.

Because so many sex trafficking victims are homeless before being trafficked, they most likely do not have any way of escaping this modern form of slavery. That is why the Linda Hoffman Foundation fights for the creation of a refuge for all victims. We offer a complete program that includes direct care, advocacy, and research, to ensure we can best serve sex trafficking survivors.

Direct Care Procedures for Survivors

All of our homes across the United States and in Africa allow us to make the largest and greatest impact in the lives of young trafficking survivors. Our Direct Care program provides after care for victims of sex trafficking victims. We are dedicated to supporting the survivors with a safe house, food, and support for those who have been trafficked, abused, or sexually exploited. Our program provides the following:

  • On-site Care
  • Case Management
  • Trauma and Mental Health Care
  • Personalized Care Kits
  • Intake Screening Process

With today's perfected system, we are able to also educate others in helping us identify victims quickly in order to get them the help they need desperately.

What Would You Do?

Do you find it hard to picture yourself or maybe your child in such a vulnerable state to where you/they would be a target for sex traffickers? We implore you to imagine yourself in that position, to walk in the steps of someone who is experiencing homelessness and, at each moment, consider what you can do for that victim.

Research will always be critical in the fight to end sex trafficking on a global scale.

"For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light." Luke 8:17

Involving local governments to improve services for women, children, and their families is another crucial part of our work. With increasing community support, we are able to provide more and more victims with the opportunities every women and child deserves.